Agent, Accountant & Adviser TO Tax Payers

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Becoming A client

I should be pleased to meet with you initially, to discuss your needs and how I can be of service.

To arrange an initial no obligation meeting or an informal chat , please call me on 0800 1601619 alternatively please send an email to

Engaging with cruickshank

Having chosen to become a client and as part of my professional code of conduct and good practise, I shall send you a letter of engagement. This confirms in detail the agreed work I am licensed to undertake on your behalf and the fees to be charged.

I am required by law to obtain proof of your identity ; this is a process that will be explained to you fully upon engagement.

What if I have an accountant already?

​I appreciate that the decision to change is not always an easy one, however you can be assured that the move is less daunting than you might at first think and I aim to make the move as easy as possible.

Part of the process involves me writing to your current accountant, asking them to provide me with information about your affairs and the paperwork necessary so as to effect a seamless , easy transfer.