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A small employer, in the case of eligible employees, is now required, with effect from their staging date, to automatically enrol their employees into a pension scheme, that the employer is legally obliged to put in place, so that when running the payroll, he can effectively top up their percentage-based, deducted pension contributions, from their earnings.

This policy is regulated by the pensions regulator and is designed to help people adequately provide the funds necessary to finance their retirements.

In conjunction with regularly running the employer’s payroll for several of my clients, I can also provide a workplace pension facility and manage this, to fulfil all of the employer’s statutorily regulated auto enrolment responsibilities, and thereby avoid heavy fines for non-compliance.

There are numerous third party firms out there, which will offer to set up and administer the auto enrolment function, on behalf of the small employer, but this, of course, is costly.

As I am determined to cap the number of clients that I will offer my payroll and automatic enrolment services to, I am positioned so that I manage the overall process myself, and at a modest fixed monthly fee, I can lift this administrative burden from the small employer’s shoulders, and although there is no avoiding the additional contributory costs to the employer, I do undertake to save him, or her, a whole lot of hassle.

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