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Should a new or existing business decide to trade through a limited liability company, possibly to separate the assets and liabilities of a business from the owner’s personal financial affairs, or to literally limit the potential liabilities that a new business venture may incur, or as the next logical progression for an expanding business, I shall be on hand, to act as the formation agent of that company, when required, to search the availability of any specific company name requested, and then to apply to register, and incorporate said company, provided I am supplied with the relevant details required, concerning the share capital, the shareholders and directors’ details etc;

The incorporating of the new company, as far as using my services is concerned, will include the complimentary provision of a dedicated business bank account, with Barclays Bank Plc.

Once the new company is in existence, and in accordance with the Companies Act 2006, the managing director will be statutorily obliged to update The Registrar of Companies, both on an annual basis, regarding the confirmation statement, and on an ad hoc basis, regarding any changes affecting the company’s details, e.g. the issue of further shares, a change in the registered office, change of shareholders, the appointment or resignation of a director etc; as required.

Again, a service that I offer, is to undertake these formal duties on my client company’s behalf.